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A rehabilitation and natural medicine center, using holistic natural approach and products to re-calibrate your life and re-balance your hormones for better health wellness and beauty, from the inside out
Alive Holistic Rehabilitation  Center : a symphony constructed from a mix of heritage, a mix  between the legacy of the tribes in  the heart of Ras Al Khaima Mountains and the Cote d' Azure natural heritage
Our programs are designed for you, from biological and hormonal balancing coaching to lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness with our programs you jumpstart your health journey unlike any other program available.
Alive Holistic Rehabilitation  Center provides physiotherapy sessions design on the foundation of ancient chines medicine, along side ear seeding sessions and bio energy treatments, along side unique bio energy targeted frequencies therapy
What we do

Alive Holistic Rehabilitation  Center introduces a new concept of health care, we believe that healing begins from within, all our services focus on stimulating the body towards cell generation and self-healing away from chemical solutions and dependency on drugs.
You will not go through the healing journey alone! We will guide, educate and put at your disposal the tools and alternative products you need on your healing journey so that you can recover and create sustainable health for your own future.

With you, we will remove the underlying causes naturally and purify the body of toxins and infections to encourage the body to heal by restoring nutrients to the body and stimulating the process of generating new cells.
We provide one-on-one health and life coaching session, helping individuals throughout their journey towards a better healthy life with our Hormonal balance practitioners. and psychotherapists.

Alive Holistic provides physiotherapy sessions design on the foundation of ancient chines medicine, along side ear seeding sessions and bio energy treatments.

We also provide a set of different tools, services, and products to enable our clients to sustain the results independently through their journey. These services include oxygen-supported yoga for hormonal balance, stress and lymph drainage massages, diet support with natural products such as our Sankum our Switzerland Diet partner, French perfume makers partner Terres Dorres and our European top natural, non-toxic skincare line Phaedra (These products were carefully selected to its very high quality and lack of toxic ingredients and Nano particulars that negatively affect human health)

Alive holistic offers different diagnostic solutions through its affiliation with Alive Medical in Hormones, Alkalinity and Sleep.

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