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Hormonal Imbalance

If you’ve ever suffered from brain fog, low energy, sleeplessness, mid-life acne, dry skin, menstrual cramps, unexplained increases in appetite, food cravings, hair loss on your head yet hair growth on your face or body, difficulty losing weight, or wonder why your mood seems to be all over the place – you are not alone.  Nor do you need to put up with symptoms that become life-disrupting!Our hormonal cycle is interconnected with ALL aspects of our lifestyle and health. Trying to ‘fix’ one issue without addressing the underlying reasons for hormonal issues is an incomplete approach. When you give your body-mind the understanding and support it needs, your system can work in harmony.


Why does my hunger increase a week before my period?
Why do I feel so tired at certain times of the month?
How can I stop my Pre Menstrual Symptoms (PMS)?
How can I avoid weight gain after stopping birth control?
Why am I getting migraines that last for days?
What’s causing these debilitating cramps?
How can I get these mood swings under control?


Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance


Are you having trouble losing weight? 
Do you feel fatigued or have low energy? 
Have you lost muscle tone or strength in your arms and legs? 
Do you have a low sex drive or a sexual dysfunction? 
Are you forgetful or have a hard time focusing? 
Are you feeling depressed or unmotivated? 
Are you having trouble sleeping or wake up feeling tired? 
Are you losing strength and stamina? 
Are you retaining more fat, especially around the belly? 
Are you losing muscle definition?
Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction on occasion or frequently? ED is defined as the inability to get an erection hard enough to have intercourse.
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