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A rehabilitation and natural medicine center, using holistic natural approach and products to re-calibrate your life and re-balance your hormones for better health wellness and beauty, from the inside out


Our programs are designed for you, from biological and hormonal balancing coaching to lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness with our programs you jumpstart your health journey unlike any other program available.

You will not go through your healing journey alone!  Not only will you have us to inspire, guide, and teach you and put in your hands the tools and the alternative products that you need in your healing journey so you can heal and have sustainable health for your future.

Finding the root causes of the disease or health challenge through  Discovery consultations and diagnostic with our medical partners: www.alive-med.com

Removing the underlying causes naturally

Purifying the body from toxins and infections 

Encourage the body to heal m by restoring body nutrients and stimulating the healing process


This will happen by :

Diagnostic, Discovery consultations, and diagnostic with our medical partners

Health Coaching and Diet and lifestyle Plans, workshops: hormonal O2 Yoga and HIIT

Aroma consultation and Natural supplements Herbs and essential daily products

Stimulating cell generations through Microcurrent Therapy