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Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment

  • 45 minutes
  • 300 UAE dirhams
  • Mirdif-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Service Description

Dry eye disease, affecting a considerable number of individuals worldwide, results in pain, visual disruptions, and reduced productivity. Meibomian gland dysfunction, a significant contributor to dry eye, is characterized by chronic inflammation of the glands, thickening of meibum, blockage of ducts, and glandular degeneration. The standard treatment for this condition involves applying heat and pressure to the glands to stimulate meibum secretion. However, not all patients experience long-term improvement through self-treatment, and adherence can be challenging. At our center, Alive Holistic Center, we incorporate dry needling, which provides specific benefits for dry eye syndrome, in combination with thermal massage therapy to achieve optimal outcomes. In-office thermal systems offer an alternative treatment avenue, making them a valuable addition for patients who have not responded favorably to conventional therapies.

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