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Holistic Health Services

Holistic Pysiotherapy

We have been helping our patients in living their best lives for many years. We do it by combining traditional physical therapy procedures with cutting-edge treatment techniques, like bioenergy stimulations.

Our unique philosophy is founded on a comprehensive approach in the domains of physiotherapy, manual treatments, and chinees medicine..

We design evidence-based protocols and individually tailored programs for each patient in order to enhance mobility, muscle strength, range of motion, and balance in order to return to normal activities.

Bio Energy Targeted Frequency

Bio-stimulation current is used to raise the level of ATP (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE) which is the converted energy from food stuffs in our bodies by no less than 500-800% using emission of the very low strength current.

By raising the level of ATP, pain is quickly relieved and recovery from all injuries is rapid. This form of current reactivates damaged cells by using the organ’s own frequency as a sort of reminder to help specific cells return to normal so that the organ functions better.


Auricular Therapy, also called Auriculotherapy, is both a diagnostic and an integrative treatment procedure that is used for pain relief and the alleviation of addictions.  Auricular Therapy is effectively utilized to reduce chronic pain and anxiety within a few minutes of treatment and can alleviate the aversive symptoms of opioid withdrawal or reduce the craving for opioid medications.


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