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Dr Laila Hareb

Holistic Therapist

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Dr. Laila Bin Hareb Almheiri is a highly esteemed healthcare professional who serves as the CEO and founder of the Alive Holistic Rehabilitation Centre. With a passion for providing comprehensive care, she offers a range of therapeutic modalities to her patients, focusing on holistic treatments to enhance overall well-being.

In her expertise as an auriculotherapist, Dr. Laila combines ear acupuncture and piercing techniques to restore balance and address various physical and emotional issues in her patients. Thorough examinations of reflex points in the ear, coupled with targeted stimulation, promote natural healing and wellness. Continuously updating her skills, she ensures her patients receive effective and personalized treatments that are at the forefront of auriculotherapy advancements.

Dr. Laila also offers specialized and safe piercing services, prioritizing her patients' safety and comfort. With extensive knowledge of ear anatomy and the use of advanced tools, she creates a secure environment for all seeking piercing procedures.

As a Hormonal Balance Advisor, Dr. Laila guides individuals towards optimal hormonal health. Through comprehensive assessments, personalized lifestyle interventions, and natural remedies, she works to restore harmony in the endocrine system and alleviate hormonal imbalances. Understanding the interconnectedness of diet, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle with hormonal balance, she empowers her patients to reclaim their vitality and enhance overall well-being.

In her role as a licensed Manual Manipulation Therapist, Dr. Laila addresses musculoskeletal issues, joint mobility, and pain management with expertise and care. Utilizing manual methods like massage, stretching, and mobilization, she strives to restore proper movement and function in the body. Each patient receives a tailored treatment plan to meet their unique needs, allowing them to regain strength, flexibility, and overall physical wellness under her compassionate guidance.

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